007 James Bond- Book Cover Art, Design and Illustration

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Bond, James Bond or shall I say Designing, Keep designing.com. Penguin Books UK has recently released the complete collection of Ian Flemings 007 series, starring everyones favorite British spy James “I never met a girl I didn’t shag” Bond. The cover art of this book series exemplify a perfect synergy betwixt illustration and design. The type treatment is beautifully composed in unison with the watercolor illustrations by Michael Gillette- creating some eye catching book cover art. I’ll probably purchase the series just to adorn my book shelves, they’re just so pretty, the the artwork- as well as the ladies.

Check out the rest of the book covers at Penguin Books blog.

4 Responses to “007 James Bond- Book Cover Art, Design and Illustration”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I agree, they are rather pretty.

  2. Ashli Says:

    I love them. It’s a classic 60’s style which is great. I’m all about it.

  3. mike Says:

    really beautiful

  4. tomorrow will never dies Says:

    hey, i watched james bond movie and i am really get shock when james characters gets stuck in actions.

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