Free High Resolution Wet Sand Textures

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wet sand textureIt’s been quite a while since we posted some textures. I found these free wet sand textures while researching for a cd design project. They are from a site called Colorburned, which has some nice downloads you might want to check out. There are actually 2 volumes of the free wet sand textures, for a total of 54 high resolution images (2816 x 2112) in all. I’m showing just a few samples and the links below. Happy designing!

free wet sand texture sample 2free wet sand texture sample 3free wet sand texture sample 4free wet sand texture sample 5free wet sand texture sample 1

Colorburned’s wet sand textures part 1
Colorburned’s wet sand textures part 2

5 Responses to “Free High Resolution Wet Sand Textures”

  1. Grant Friedman Says:

    Thanks for the mention! Should have 2 more wet sand sets coming out next week.

  2. melia08 Says:

    Thank you to both of you for sharing these!!

  3. wolverine Says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Matt Says:

    aw these are no there anymore. broken link. :[

  5. Andrea Says:

    for some free textures !

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